The Gas Heart

by Surrealist gesture

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The Gas Heart is a three-act hoax; it will satisfy only industrialized imbeciles who believe in the existence of men of genius.

Interpreters are requested to give this work the attention due a masterpiece such as Macbeth, but to treat the author - who is not a genius - with no respect AT ALL.

(Note: This work offers no technical innovation whatsoever.)


released February 14, 2013

constructed by JDD

production/mix/master by JDD

guitar on track #12 written/performed by Forrest Whitlow




Surrealist gesture Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Down For Good
One of these days,
it's going to come...

One of these times,
You will not run...

You'll carry that weight,
Throughout all your changes.

While everything falls apart,
When all of it rearranges.

And that world will pull you
Down for good

And that world will do
Exactly what it should
Track Name: On Occassion of Wet Snow
Woken up too early,
Yet continuing my dreaming

A vicious feasting
Carrion impulses
A straining and collapsing
A frightening point, a sharpening of views
So strained and so forceful
A straight-laced disciple

But nothing's of significance
Nothing is necessary
Pictures are fallacies,
Moments of treachery
Drawing on our smiles,
The faking of everything
Time will come,
When time's undone
Hide ourselves,
Shame our souls
Decomposing bags of bone

And you're so welcome, and so faithful
So perfect, and so fucking everything

Empty bottles strike out broken prose,
While painting on a certain majesty

Notes from underground,
I play the guillotine

Poetry pulled from banality.
Track Name: Captatio Benevolentiæ
The period at the end of an illegible scrawl of a sentence; a universal scream heard by many which are already living in agony. A scream which simply fades out like an impotent sigh - something which can end this lethargic embargo you place over living your lives.

I want to give a beautiful speech at the end of the world - a rousing and inspiring collection of thoughts expressed eloquently through a dying language that is ultimately too little too late; absurd and utterly meaningless - almost insulting, as life burns away.

Meanwhile, I say try....

They need symbols to stand in for things of importance because we are all so small and superfluous.

I believe it was Henry Fool who once said, "We know we have fallen because we know who we are". So - do we know we have fallen because we know who we are?

One must ask children how strawberries taste to ever truly comprehend a pure sensation such as life. Your philosophies will drown, impoverished and incomplete while a child's mind draws circles around intelligence- running down ideologies and tackling them into the dirt with infectious laughter straight from a real, humble soul.

The nature of nature in its natural egress.

Haunt these endless limits we dream about - imbibing feverish nightmares of limitless endings.
Mysterious misanthropes with determination leaking from their pens: the kings of "if", the kings of "when".
A sick, strung out and overwhelming christmas of ideas here... everything that can be imagined can be bombed.
Have faith in the evil men do - they'll surprise you with their savagery, their horror, their gods...

You are not clever, you are not funny, you are not beautiful, you are not smart, you are not talented, you are not.

You are not.

You are the pot calling the kettle back, to call it black again and again, ad nauseam.
The fool is hurt, the fool is hurt! - and what’s worse, he revisits his pain. Awkward, insatiable and precariously drugged.
It is in this moment that life absentmindedly descends into revolt.

Alleviation is only an echo, trailing our orgasmic grunts of superficial satisfaction.
You have to understand this whole conviction… no, we have to understand so much more.
Invented and preconceived gestures of limp grandiosity.
Your petroleum drug and the meaningless qualities of learning yourselves.
There is an insincerity in your heart; a false, baseless prejudice that you push into the world.
Mediocrity in full bloom, watered daily with the saliva from your lying tongue.

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